Light up your life with

Solar Energy

Through solar power generation, we aim to contribute to
the global environment and local communities to realize a sustainable society.

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Beautiful Nature to

Leave for the Future

By actively utilizing solar power generation and protecting the global environment,
we can leave a beautiful natural environment for future generations.

Toward the Realization of

Sustainable Society

We need to address environmental issues at diverse levels,
from individual initiatives to government and corporate responsibility.
For the sake of the future, we will act to achieve a sustainable society.

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    Service We Provide

    Consulting for solar power generation

    Consulting for solar power generation

    This service provides advice and assistance on the introduction and installation of solar systems.

    Solar power generation system design

    Solar power generation system design

    This service provides the design and installation of the solar power system itself.

    What’s 382

    We are an engineering design and consulting services firm for energy management and clean energy systems.

    • Engineering design
    • Consulting services
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    Our Goal

    Company Mission

    Our goal is Creating a prosperous future for people through the protection of the global environment and the realization of sustainability. To achieve this goal, we will implement the following initiatives

    By providing solar power generation systems, we contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and preventing environmental pollution.
    By promoting the use of photovoltaic power generation systems, we will promote the use of renewable energy and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
    We not only provide solar power generation systems tailored to the needs of our customers and local communities, but also offer total solutions, including consulting and maintenance services.
    To fulfill our social responsibility, we comply with laws and regulations and actively engage in environmental conservation activities and community contribution activities.

    382 give the smart solution for your business.