This service provides advice and assistance on the introduction and installation of solar systems.

Solar Power Consulting

We assist in designing and implementing optimal solar power systems tailored to our clients’ needs, while providing the following support, to achieve more efficient and sustainable energy usage:

Feasibility Study

We conduct research and analysis to evaluate whether the client’s project is technically and economically feasible.

System Design

We propose the optimal design for a solar power generation system based on the client’s needs and budget. This includes selecting panel types and layouts, choosing inverters, designing wiring and protective devices, and more.

Site Selection

We evaluate the site selection based on factors such as sunlight conditions, topography, climate, and shading to propose the best location for the client.

Regulations and Permits

We provide information and support regarding local and national regulations and permit processes.

Subsidies and Incentives

We provide information and application support for subsidies and incentives related to solar power generation projects.

Project Management

We manage the entire project for installing and operating the system and monitor progress.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

We evaluate the long-term cost-benefit of the system by considering initial investment and operating costs.

Energy Efficiency Consulting

We propose measures to optimize the client’s energy usage and maximize power generation.

Maintenance Plan

We develop and support implementation of a periodic maintenance plan to maintain the system’s performance.

Education and Training

We provide education and training on the operation and maintenance of solar power generation systems for the client and stakeholders.

Through these services, we assist the client with their solar power generation project. Please leave it to us.