This service provides the design and installation of the solar power system itself.

Solar Power Generation Mechanism

Solar power is generated by hitting a semiconductor material called a solar cell. The solar cell is composed of multiple layers, and when sunlight hits it, electrons move from the top layer to the bottom layer, generating electricity.

About Solar Power Generation Systems

A solar power generation system is not just composed of solar panels that obtain energy from sunlight. There are various facilities other than the panels, and selecting appropriate equipment according to their size and usage is important.

About Solar Power Generation System Design

The design of a solar power generation system is carried out while considering the following requirements:

Confirmation of Site Conditions

Direct sunlight is required for solar power generation. It is important to conduct sufficient research to determine whether there is enough sunlight hitting the installation site.

Understanding of Demand

The amount of power generated needs to be designed according to the amount of demand. If the amount of power generated is excessive compared to the demand, unnecessary generation occurs, and if it is insufficient, inconvenience arises from the inability to meet the demand.

Ensuring Installation Space

A solar power generation system requires installation space. It is necessary to secure installation space and design it to efficiently generate power.

Consideration for Maintainability

A solar power generation system is designed for long-term use. It is important to consider maintainability during the design phase and design for long-term operation.

Reduction of Environmental Impact

Solar power generation is a clean energy source, but design and construction can cause environmental impact. To reduce the environmental impact, it is necessary to design with consideration for the environment during the design phase.

Using this know-how, we will be responsible for designing the optimal solar power generation system for our clients.